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About Us

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Teens Around the Community of Sussex

We believe being grounded spiritually is a key element for a life of wholeness.  In a world where there are too many negative voices stealing the sense of worth and killing the joy of young people, we recall that the ministry of Jesus calls us to help our young people to live a life a wholeness.

Though TACOS as a ministry draws from our Christian heritage, we strive to create a space for young people of any background to be affirmed in their self worth.  Our mission is to foster opportunities for young people to find support and receive guidance in cultivating their spirituality to help center themselves for daily life.

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Who is TACOS for?

TACOS is for all teens around Sussex and any surrounding community. There are both middle and high school programs. 


TACOS is not your typical church youth group. TACOS operates under the ecumenical basis of being open to all kinds of faith practices or even having none at all.  Love will always be our common denominator.

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What Happens at TACOS? 

TACOS will work to engage teens in meaningful conversations about shared experiences that they have at school, with their families, and in the community.  Teens and staff can work through issues they are all faced with in society so that teens can become more comfortable sharing what they feel and also find a new sense of purpose and self-worth through building a community of peers.

TACOS will also be centered around the action of service.  Service opportunities will arise for teens to volunteer at various places in the community and share their gifts and talents with those in need.

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